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As a Freelance Real-Estate Photographer Employee of Next Door Photos, my roles include:

- FAA-Licensed Drone Operator Photography

- Real Estate Photography

- Zillow 3D Home Tour Creation Using 360-degree Camera Technology

- Digital Floor-plan Photography

I shoot indoor and outdoor photos using a combination of aerial photography and on-ground photography using my Sony mirrorless camera. Having photographed over 150 homes, condos, and commercial properties in the Central Florida area so far, I love providing both realtors and home-owners with excellent photos and quality customer service.

Favorite Listings


Oceanfront Condo

Living on the ocean comes with a very tranquil, scenic view, which is exactly what I exemplified in my photos of this condo. The view is what sells the space and it truly couldn't get any better than this. I especially love this home because it features the beach that is close to my own home and my heart.

Family Model Home

This model home is apart of an entirely new neighborhood of family-style homes. It features all of the cozy, personal, modern additions a home should have, which is what I captured in these photos.


Family-Style Home

This house is home to a beautiful family with a wonderful story. Not only was the home itself lovely for my camera to capture, but the people inside it who made it such a personalized, welcoming space were just as lovely. Their personality and love for their home really came out in the finished photos.

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